The "Badass" products Category

Patriot Chassis strives to engineer and develop performance on road and off-road chassis products that only the best of the best use. We call this the "Badass" category.

The "Must Have" Products Category

Patriot Chassis has built countless projects. With that experience we believe we can use a tag like "Must Have" for this product category.

The "DIY Heaven" Product Category

If you live the same world as Patriot Chassis then getting your DIY on is a part of life. Having the products that make you look good is what we do! Laser cut and engineered for your badass chassis project is everything this category is about! Don't be afraid to reach out to us about your needs, it may be as simple as we haven't had a chance to get it on the website us!

"Always Badass, Never Half-Assed"

It's important to give everything in your life the effort it needs to succeed. This is why at Patriot Chassis we believe it's important to never half-ass two things, instead, Badass one thing.

// Patriot Chassis Crew