Why So Many Bolts?

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Why So Many Bolts?

Patriot Chassis is asked this question frequently. We get it, its different, but there are so many reasons why we do this. The following page will explain every aspect of why we use a configurable chassis format.

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Powder coat!

We powder coat our chassis. Powder coating is one of the strongest coatings you can put on a chassis. As well, one of the most flexible coatings with lots of options. But you can't just powder coat any chassis without running into challenges. One of the most significant challenges is when components are fastened to a frame using rivets or overlapped and welded (like almost every chassis on the market). This creates a void behind and between the fastened or overlapped faces. This creates a electro-static void that makes it difficult or impossible to get powder into these voids. These voids create pockets that once the powder is cured will gather moisture. Powder coat is plastic in powder form that is heated to its melting point to create a plastic coating on the base material. When moisture gets behind the plastic coating it becomes trapped and causes rust that propagates behind the plastic layer and grows over time. There is no stopping it until the entire plastic coating has flaked off. Patriot Chassis powder coats each of the chassis components separately then bolt them together to create a monolithic layer around the component (and frame) that does not have any of these voids. Eliminating these voids eliminate the catalyst to a larger problem. A Patriot Chassis gives your chassis the best chance at a very long life.

Configurable Chassis and Suspension

Is it parallel four link? Or do you want independent front suspension? Maybe double triangulated four link? Or maybe even independent rear suspension? Leaf springs anyone? It doesn't matter what flavor you like because we (or you) can configure your chassis how every YOU like it...simply by bolting them on. We often explain this aspect as Lego's for adults. The base chassis is identical regardless of the suspension types. But you get to configure the chassis to your liking.

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Accessorize How You Want

Skid Plates, Dual Exhaust, Single Exhaust, Rock Sliders, Fuel lines, Bumper brackets, electrical, transmission lines, bump stops, sway bars, resi brackets, air system, fuel pumps, extra fuel tanks, air horns, etc... It doesn't matter, we have the accessories you want. And, without disturbing the powder coat, you can add these accessories to the chassis at any time. If you didn't by rock sliders when you purchased your chassis and you decide to add them later, just call us. No drilling through the frame, no welding, no disturbing your coating, just add the accessory.

Customize Your Chassis

If your looking for a platform to build from, start with a Patriot Chassis. We can send you the base frame then you build your own suspension from there. This could be as simple as us cutting weld plates or brackets that you can weld to. Or, send us a sketch and we can design the bracketry or components you need.

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