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Unlocking Potential: Engineering Peak Performance for Every Vehicle

Patriot Chassis specializes in the comprehensive engineering and fabrication of tailor-made heavy-duty chassis replacements, specifically crafted for a range of iconic vehicles, including Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and other classic models. Our expertise extends beyond the ordinary, ensuring that each custom chassis is meticulously designed to enhance both off-road and on-road capabilities. These purpose-built chassis epitomize rugged durability and high-performance engineering, meticulously crafted to elevate your truck’s prowess in every conceivable aspect. With Patriot Chassis, you can expect a seamless fusion of cutting-edge design, superior engineering, and uncompromising quality, transforming your vehicle into a true powerhouse on any terrain.

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What Sets Patriot Chassis Apart?

Patriot Chassis produces high-performance four-wheel-drive chassis that integrate modern power and capability into your classic truck. Can we build two-wheel-drive chassis? Yes, but why? In every case to date, we have converted two-wheel-drive trucks to four-wheel drive instead of maintaining the OEM two-wheel drive (for example, converting Chevy C-Series to K-Series). With the ability to manufacture our independent front suspension, we can make a four-wheel drive handle and ride amazingly. We have addressed all the weak points of OEM IFS and improved them extensively. For example, we don't use an OEM upper ball joint with a 7/16" cross-sectional area; instead, we use a 1.5" Uniball. We don't achieve just 4" of travel; we have accomplished over 17" of travel in a stock-width chassis and track width. Additionally, our solid axle chassis outperform OEM suspensions and chassis. The concern about "driving a brick" is no longer valid. Something of great concern to all our clients is ensuring that their classic vehicle will perform well beyond the original OEM expectations. Not only are you improving the longevity of your chassis, but you are also protecting the incredible amount of work you are putting into the body. With a torque capacity 1200% greater than a 2020 F350 Superduty, you won't have to worry about torque damage to the body you just restored.

The Following Patriot Chassis Models Are Available Without Custom Building Requirements:

-Chevy/GMC: K5, K10, K20, K30 (67-72, 2nd Gen, Round Body)

-Chevy/GMC: K5, K10, K20, K30 (72-91, 3rd Gen, Square Body)

-Chevy/GMC: K5 Blazer/Jimmy (67-72, 2nd Gen, Round Body)

-Chevy/GMC: K5 Blazer/Jimmy (72-91, 3rd Gen, Square Body)

-Ford: Bronco (67-77, Square Body, Gen 1)

-Ford: Bronco (77-79, Dent Side, Gen 2)

-Ford: Bronco (80-86, Dent Side, Gen 3)

-Ford: Bronco (87-91, Dent Side, Gen 4)

-Ford: F100, F250, F350 (Bump Side)

-Ford: F100, F250, F350 (Dent Side)

-Power Wagon D-Series

Patriot Chassis Badass Attributes

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Unparalleled Excellence: Like No Other Chassis.

Patriot Chassis: Engineered and Designed from the Ground Up to Reign as the Most Capable Platform on Earth.

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Elevated Standards and Unifying Commonality:

Universal Deployment: Our Accessories Designed for Seamless Integration Across Platforms.

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Our chassis offers a matchless capability for incorporating accessories and making enhancements, setting it apart from anything else in the market.

Effortless Modifications

Start with an LS-based engine package and effortlessly switch to a Cummins diesel later. A brief call to us is all you need for updated engine and transmission mounting packages, ensuring a seamless and trouble-free swap.

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Pricing Your Patriot Chassis

A Patriot Chassis is constructed like an adult Lego kit, allowing you to begin with a basic frame package and build upon a solid foundation. The standard frame costs between $8,000 and $12,000, depending on the size of the tube and the length of the chassis. From this foundation, you can add each component as your project progresses, a process we refer to as builder projects. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can opt for us to fully assemble your chassis as a roller. We humorously suggest that once your chassis is complete, it arrives at your garage door, ready for you, a friend, a crescent wrench, a hammer, and a six-pack, making it possible to swap out your chassis over a weekend. While this may be oversimplified, the key point is that the chassis is prepared from the body mounts down. Determining a precise price for such a chassis is challenging, as it depends on accessories, suspension type, engine and transmission packages, and more. However, we commit to working with you as a partner throughout the process of identifying the pricing and, ultimately, the performance you seek in your chassis. To arrive at an accurate estimate, please give us a call or fill out the chassis form below.

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