Patriot Chassis

Custom Full Chassis

Engineered Performance Into Any Vehicle

Patriot Chassis Fully Engineer Custom Replacement Heavy Duty Chassis for Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and other classic vehicles.  Off-road and on-road capable, Designed and engineered to make your truck badass in every measurable way.

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Like No Other Chassis:

The Patriot Chassis has been engineered and designed from the ground up to be the most capable platform on the planet.

Standards & Commonality:

All of our accessories have been designed to be deployed across multiple platforms.


The ability to add on accessories and make improvements to your chassis is like nothing else on the market.

Easy Modifications

If you want to start with an LS based engine package and change to a Cummins diesel at a later date, you can simply call us for an updated set of engine and transmission mounting packages to make the swap.

Engine Packages
You are able to pick almost ANY engine package
for your project. You just let us know what engine you are
using and we will send you the proper mounts for your badass project!

Strongest Frame
(3x6x3/16 or 3x5x3/16) tubular frame members making the Patriot Chassis the strongest frame on the market

Transmission Packages
You are able to pick almost ANY tranny package for your project.
You just let us know what tranny you are using and we will send you
the proper cross member for your badass project!
Independent Front Suspension 
Not only have we engineered our IFS to be geometrically superior but we have
analyzed all the weak points of standard IFS and eliminated the weak links to bring you a product that will not fail!

Custom Fuel Tanks
20-60 gal capability

Triangulated Link Suspension 
Because badass begins and ends with this advanced performance
Strongest Frame 
Continuously wrapped frame to improve strength and forsional rigidity
Engineered Exhaust 
We Provide drawings of the exhaust system such that you can install a
tuned high performance exhaust system in your badass project
Sway Bar 
Customizable and tunable
Sway Bar 
Customizable and tunable
Grade 8 Hardware 
For the strongest frames you have to use strong fasteners. Grade 8 are the only grade Patriot Chassis uses.
Power Steering Box
Chosen as one of the strongest steering boxes on the market.
This will bring you long life and incredibly smooth operation.
Air Hammer Shocks 
Engineered and patented by Patriot Chassis to bring together
suspension and bass ass performance to anyone.
Advanced Engineering 
We employ engineers to perform advanced engineering geometric
analysis, stress analysis, and materials selection to bring our customers
the most badass chassis on the planet!
Advanced Steering Technology 
New and patented technology is used throughout a Patriot Chassis. This new steering tech
allows for very long travel with very little effect on wheel and axle position.
Numerous Axle Options 
Our bracketry is designed to allow connection to a broad range of axle options.
The Bolt Effect 
The Patriot Chassis is designed to be accessorized, expandable and buildable. The numerous bolt locations
not only improve torsional strength but they allow you to modify your chassis to fit your designed
performance. You can start with lead spring and add IFS at a later date.
Sway Bar 
Customizable and tunable
Accessorize Your Patriot Chassis 
Many accessories are avaiable
Triangulated Link Suspension 
Because badass begins and ends with this advanced performance.
Accessorize Your Patriot Chassis 
Many accessories are avaible such as skid plates, rock slider,
within mounts, fitch wheel hitch, trailer hitch, etc...

Have a need for a unique chassis or have a unique build? Need a custom Chassis Package? Simply submit a request and tell us what you need. Fill out the form below and we will get ahold of you right away.

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