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"Never Half-Assed, Only Badass! "

Full Custom Chassis
Patriot Chassis can Engineer and Design a chassis for your specific needs.
High Performance Suspension
Patriot Chassis Engineered Suspension Systems
Built for High Performance
Custom Roller Chassis
Built to your desired specifications.

“Patriot Chassis strives to engineer and design high performance on road and off road capable chassis and suspension components that only the best of the best use. We call this performance Badass! 

Patriot Chassis Crew

Patriot Chassis is a custom chassis builder as well as

Custom 4x4 Truck frames

Custom Truck Frames

Custom 4x4 Truck Chassis

Custom Truck Chassis

4x4 Rolling Chassis

Truck Rolling Chassis

Patriot Chassis produces the finest aftermarket frames, chassis, and suspension components.

Patriot Classic 4x4 chassis are engineered to be fully functional high performance chassis and high performance suspension components. We provide anything from a bare frame to a full rolling chassis. As well, we sell all suspension components separately so you can upgrade your own frame or chassis to a higher level of badassedness.

"Always Badass, Never Half-Assed"

It’s important to give everything in your life the effort it needs to succeed. This is why at Patriot Chassis we believe it’s important to never half-ass two things, instead, Badass one thing. // Patriot Chassis Crew

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"Never Half-Assed, Only Badass! "