Hex Washer (Slotted Hole)


Enhance the durability and stability of your off-road applications with Patriot Chassis Slotted Hex Washers. Crafted from laser-cut 3/16” steel, these washers are designed to prevent hex bolts from spinning, especially in situations where elongation of bolt holes is common.

Key Features:

  1. Prevent Bolt Elongation: Slotted Hex Washers are specifically engineered for off-road applications where elongation of bolt holes is prevalent. These washers effectively prevent further elongation during challenging conditions and abuse, ensuring the integrity of your connections.
  2. Advantageous for Race Teams: Ideal for race teams where bolt checks are frequent, Slotted Hex Washers simplify the maintenance process. These slotted washers are used to secure the nut side of the fastener system. Use our Hex Weld Washer on the bolt head. Then once the nut is tighted to specification use the Slotted Hex Washer to secure the nut.
  3. Hexagonal Inside Shape: The hexagonal (six-sided) inside shape of the washer allows for easy tightening and loosening using a wrench. This design provides convenience during installation and maintenance, making it a practical choice for various applications.
  4. Welded Application: Hex Weld Washers are designed for welded applications, offering a secure and stable connection when welded onto surfaces. This ensures a robust and reliable bond that withstands the demands of off-road and structural applications. The Slotted Hex Washer is then used to secure the other end of the fastener system.
  5. Versatile Use in Structural Applications: Widely used in structural applications, including chassis construction in automotive or machinery, these washers contribute to creating strong and durable connections. The hexagonal shape adds to the overall stability of the structure.
  6. Available in Various Sizes and Thicknesses: Choose from various sizes and thicknesses of Hex Weld Washers to accommodate different welding and structural needs. This versatility allows you to select the dimensions that best suit your specific application.
  7. Sold in Packages of 10:  Slotted Hex Washers are conveniently sold in packages of 10, providing an ample quantity for your project. This packaging ensures you have the necessary washers to address multiple connection points.
  8. Unwelded, DIY: These washers are sold unwelded, allowing for a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to welding. This gives you the flexibility to weld them onto surfaces as needed for your specific application.

Upgrade the reliability of your connections in off-road and structural settings with Patriot Chassis Hex Weld Washers. Strengthen bolted joints, simplify maintenance, and ensure lasting performance with these high-quality washers. Elevate your welding projects with Patriot Chassis – choose Hex Weld Washers for enhanced stability and durability.


Weight .11 lbs
Dimensions 3.36 × 1.31 × .188 in
Hex Size (Dim A)

.3125" (5/16"), .375" (3/8"), .4375" (7/16"), .500" (1/2"), .5625" (9/16"), .625" (5/8"), .6875" (11/16"), .750" (3/4"), .8125" (13/16"), .875" (7/8"), .9375" (15/16"), 1.000" (1"), 1.0625" (1-1/16"), 1.125" (1-1/8"), 1.1875" (1-3/16"), 1.250" (1-1/4"), 1.3125" (1-5/16"), 1.375" (1-3/8"), 1.4375" (1-7/16"), 1.500" (1-1/2"), 1.5625" (1-9/16"), 1.625" (1-5/8"), 1.6875" (1-11/16"), 1.750" (1-3/4"), 1.8125" (1-13/16"), 1.875" (1-7/8"), 1.9375" (1-15/16"), 2.000" (2")