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American-Made Chassis & Suspension Components

We Engineer the Finest Chassis and Suspension Components on the Planet!

Patriot Chassis, based in North Idaho, is a manufacturing company committed to crafting top-notch, American-made chassis and suspension components tailored for both on and off-road applications.

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Founders Note:

Jason Johnson brings a diverse educational background to Patriot Chassis, having received traditional education in various fields. These educational foundations serve as the bedrock for implementing a higher level of innovation. Jason's journey began with building trucks in high school, and the passion endured—his first truck from those days still holds a special place. Over the years, Jason honed his skills across different industries, including Formula, NASCAR, general engineering, and manufacturing. He views education and experience as tools, much like a hammer in his toolkit. Returning to his love for trucks, Jason questioned the performance of 4x4s compared to 2-wheel drives and the reliability of 4-wheel drives. His response? Prove it. "I love every day I get to perform engineering on a new product and then go test it!" However, Jason emphasizes that it's not a solo effort. He credits the high-performance team assembled at Patriot Chassis, stating, "You can't do what we do without a high-performance team of very intelligent people in the room sharing their experiences and educations." Jason Johnson

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Jason Johnson
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