Link Arm Line Bracket (Three Hole)


Simplify your mounting projects with the Patriot Chassis 3-Hole Clamp-To-Tube Bracket, a versatile solution that makes mounting just about anything a breeze. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, this universal bracket is designed to provide convenience and flexibility in a variety of applications. Perfect for applications like Link Arm Line Brackets, the 3-Hole Clamp-To-Tube Bracket opens up possibilities for easy and secure mounting.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Mounting Solution: The Patriot Chassis 3-Hole Clamp-To-Tube Bracket is a versatile mounting solution designed to handle a wide range of applications. From link arm line brackets to various accessories, this bracket is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer looking for a reliable and adaptable solution.
  2. Ease of Installation: Designed for simplicity, the 3-Hole Clamp-To-Tube Bracket is easy to install, making it suitable for DIY projects. Its user-friendly design ensures that mounting just about anything becomes a straightforward task, saving you time and effort in your projects.
  3. 3-Hole Design for Flexibility: The 3-hole design ensures flexibility and secure attachment. With three holes available for fasteners, you can achieve a strong and dependable connection to the tube while allowing for adjustability and ease of installation.
  4. Perfect for DIY Enthusiasts: Tailored for the do-it-yourselfer, this bracket empowers enthusiasts to take on various mounting challenges with confidence. Whether you’re customizing your vehicle or working on a unique project, the 3-Hole Clamp-To-Tube Bracket provides the versatility you need.
  5. Link Arm Line Bracket Compatibility: Specifically mentioned for use as a Link Arm Line Bracket, this bracket is perfect for applications where a strong and dependable mounting point is crucial. Ensure stability in your link arm setup with the reliable performance of this 3-hole bracket.

Upgrade your DIY projects with the Patriot Chassis 3-Hole Clamp-To-Tube Bracket and discover a versatile and reliable mounting solution. Whether you’re working on link arm line brackets or other custom applications, this bracket simplifies the mounting process, allowing you to achieve professional results with ease. Invest in the 3-Hole Clamp-To-Tube Bracket and make your mounting projects a breeze.

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in
Tube Diameter (Dim A)

1.5", 1.75", 2.0", 2.25", 2.5", 2.75", 3.0"

Hole Diameter (Dim B)

.25", .375", .50", .625"

Slot Width (Dim C)

.25", .375", .50"