Engineered performance into any vehicle

We Fully Engineer Custom Replacement Heavy Duty Chassis for Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and other classic vehicles.  Off-road and on-road capable, Designed and engineered to make your truck badass in every measurable way.

Packages Coming Soon...Stay tuned!

Patriot Chassis Badass Attributes

Like no other chassis: The Patriot Chassis has been engineered and designed from the ground up to be the most capable platform on the planet.

Standards & Commonality: All of our accessories have been designed to be deployed across multiple platforms.

Expandable: The ability to add on accessories and make improvements to your chassis is like nothing else on the market.

Easy Modifications: If you want to start with an LS based engine package and change to a Cummins diesel at a later date, you can simply call us for an updated set of engine and transmission mounting packages to make the swap. This is also true of the suspension, if you want to start with a leaf spring truck and upgrade to a dual triangulated high travel air suspension, you can simply call us and we will send you the properly engineered package for your badass project.

Have a unique build or need a custom package? Submit a custom request below.